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Missing Children Minnesota is at the forefront of the battle to keep our children safe. As parents, professionals and educators, we believe that prevention is the crucial step we can take today that could play a large role in the safety of our children tomorrow. Over the past 20 years Carol Watson has developed age-appropriate personal safety programs for children from preschool through adulthood. Missing Children Minnesota now has books based upon all three programs available for purchase. Each program deals with the unique issues facing children as they grow, and all address universal concerns, such as internet safety and sexual abuse. Overviews of each program follow. Books may be purchased directly from Missing Children Minnesota, or ordered at any bookstore using the ISBN numbers. 

For more information go to www.runyelltell.com

  • Safety Belts for the Information Super Highway: Internet Safety for Children Safety Tips for Parents and Children
  • What to Do If Your Child Is Missing
  • Kids ID Kit
  • Safety tips and suggested school policy for teachers and professionals who work with children
  • When Your Child Runs Away: A guide for parents and families of runaways
    International Parental Child Abduction: What every vulnerable parent should know

All of these brochures are available at no charge to the public.

Please call Missing Children Minnesota at (612) 334-9449 or 1-888-RUN-YELL to request a copy.

Speakers & Presentations

Speakers are available for all of the following programs.
Please call Missing Children Minnesota to schedule a speaker for your group.

Run, Yell & Tell!® Ages 3-8

Run, Yell & Tell!® is a non-threatening educational program designed to provide children from preschool through second grade with simple rules and guidelines for recognizing and dealing with potentially dangerous situations involving abduction and sexual abuse. The book features Elvis the elephant and Rosie the rabbit, and can also be purchased with an original audio or video tape.

Run, Yell & Tell!® Book: $4.95+$2.00 shipping & handling. (ISBN 0-9641123-0-2)

I Want To Be S.A.F.E.R.® Ages 8-12

I Want to Be S.A.F.E.R.® is a personal safety and abduction prevention program designed for children from third through eighth grade. It teaches children to be Street-wise, Alert, Fast-thinking, Educated and Responsible and to be aware and conscious of their own personal safety.

I Want To Be S.A.F.E.R.® Book: $5.95+$2.00 shipping & handling (ISBN 0-9641123-4-5)

Erica’s Choices: A Decision-Making Guide for Teens

Erica’s Choices presents alternatives to running away and an effective personal safety program for junior and senior high school students. This program teaches decision making skills and encourages young people to take advantage of safe alternatives to running away.

Erica’s Choices book: $5.95+$2.00 shipping and handling (ISBN 0-9641123-3-7)

Awareness Plus: A Program for Adults and Parents

Awareness Plus is a program for parents and all adults concerned about children. It provides child safety and abduction prevention information, information on available resources and what steps to take in the event of abduction. It also covers how to talk to children about protecting themselves from abuse, exploitation and abduction.